Boxing Is Love is a BOXRAW foundation determined to build-up and re-establish the culture of boxing in areas of the world that the west has left behind. Our principal objective is to use boxing as a mechanism to facilitate a fundamental shift in mindset through the creation of sustainable boxing programs and gyms all over the world.

A sport originally meant for the hardest has evolved to include the fastest and smartest. Boxing is, at its core, the art form of inner strength and resilience. Of course, not every child, woman, or man who laces up gloves will be the next world champion. But boxing has never been about the few at the top; rather it's about those who step up to the challenge and embrace the journey. Boxing forges a mindset of discipline, determination, and perseverance.

It gives courage to no longer be afraid, the belief that any one of the many can stand tall and say: my time, is now. That's our dream. To give to each and every one of the forgotten the self-belief to break the crippling cycle of dependency and poverty that is still, ashamedly, an all too real constant in our 21st century world.

Our first program begins in Liberia, West Africa, June 2018. Over a two week period, we’ll launch multiple youth boxing programs, executed by professional and amateur fighters and trainers from all over the World. The foundation will provide the nation its first boxing ring and provide all the support we can to help with the planning and promotion of local events, with the ultimate goal to build a self-sustaining boxing gym for the children of Liberia ran by the people of Liberia.

Together, we hope to show the world that this sport we hold so close to our hearts can be used to change the world because - Boxing is Love.

We plan to launch 10 sustainable programs in 10 emerging markets over the next five years. Each program will be designed to establish a thriving boxing culture, and use the sport as a tool create a lasting impact of social and economic change within each community.


Change the Game. Change the World.



With special thanks to our partners, Save More Kids. For without their help none of this would be possible. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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