be the change you want to see

- If you are someone for whom the sport of Boxing has changed, shaped, or saved;
- If you believe Boxing can serve as a vessel of empowerment to communities around the world;
- If your own boxing experience is capable of inspiring hope in children living in despair;

Join the Boxing Is Love volunteer program and contribute to changing the trajectory of an entire generation.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

The purpose of this opportunity is to help the organization develop future athletes, and help spread awareness of the sport throughout the country.  Each trip will consist of various community outreach initiatives, as well as support in executing a pre-designed training program to those attending the classes at the Boxing Is Love gym in Gbarnga, Liberia.  

change the game, change the world

Boxing Is Love is excited to continue the momentum in Liberia.
The organisation will be launching volunteer opportunities, open to public, up to four times per year.

Our goal is to bring the Boxing Is Love program to affected communities worldwide. This cannot be accomplished without you.

Inspire a generation

The Boxing is Love programme will consist of 4 annual trips.
Participants must;
- Be over 18 years old
- Have basic boxing proficiency 
- Pass all relevant background checks

If you would like to apply for the Boxing Is Love Programme, fill out the application form below. We will get back to you within 2 week with more details about the programme.

The potential is real

Amadouh, 25, Sinkor, Liberia

Amadouh is a college student that turned to boxing seven years ago as a way to stay out of trouble. Mainly self-taught, he credits the sport for instilling self-discipline and focus. Hungry for opportunity, he trains daily for the hope of getting a fight soon.

"There are so many accomplishments the Boxing Is Love program has acheived in Liberian boxing.
Boxing is silent in Liberia; it needs to be awoke.
Boxers are hungry for competitions, there's no ring or equipments.
These are the issues I've observed. If the Boxing Is Love team can overcome these challenges, then Boxing Is Love will forever be remembered in Liberian Boxing."