A Day In The Life

I wake from what has been a sleepless night. My mind wondering about tonight and praying that I stay healthy and hit weight...

I try to switch off from the fight and surround myself with friends and family who help me take my mind off of everything for a few hours.

Then it’s that drive. Even when it’s short it feels like it’s never ending. Silence speaks volumes as the car stays conversation less.

We arrive and I start to feel the nerves kick in. I want to make sure my weight is right and panic sets in whilst I think the doctor might pull me up on an invisible injury.

I make weight and pass the medical. It feels as if a weight has lifted from my shoulders. I can relax and focus 100% on the fight.

My other stable mates are sat in the changing room and tensions are high. We try to distract each other by filling the room with music and jokes.

I question in my mind though why I put myself in this position. After stepping into the squared circle for over 60 times.

My hands are bound in wrap as I run through the game plan with my trainer. He reminds me of all the hard work I have put into my training. He makes me feel at ease.

I start to feel the buzz as I get ready. Putting my boots on and lacing up my gloves before I go to war. The plan running forwards and backwards in my mind.

I start too warm up. Hitting the pads as I start to question myself again. Do I feel right? Are my legs feeling ok? Am I ready?

I’m up any time soon. I wait anxiously to walk down to the ring. Still questioning myself about why I do this, one bad hit and it could all be over.

Then my music comes on. Everything I have trained for in the last 8 weeks becomes reality. I walk out from behind those curtains and the hairs on my neck stand up from the atmosphere.

I am overwhelmed by the hundreds sometimes thousands of people on their feet. I force myself to stay focused but right now I feel invincible.

I step through those ropes, I focus myself again, we touch gloves, I’m ready.

2 min