Murray Vs Rosado

Photo Credits: Lawrence Lustig

One look at Martin Murray & Gabriel Rosado evokes two feelings immediately: one, I'm glad I don't owe them money; two, I feel sorry for their opponent who ever they may be.

Ironically the two middleweights face one another in what ought to be an entertaining cash tomorrow night at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

They have of course one well known opponent in common, undisputed middleweight King, Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin.

The outcome was the same for both men, though Murray's jab & distance management seemed to trouble GGG early on. The consistent body attack by GGG paved the way for an 11th round stoppage though Murray was barely hanging on by that point. Rosado faired worse, in a dramatic gruesome affair, Rosado's face was a bloody swollen mess when his corner stepped in by the 7th round to save the game Philly fighter from suffering any further damage.

I'm a boxing purist, but make no mistake, Murray & Rosado are Fighters. They have been on the bubble of the middleweight title picture for several years now & have been in the ring with the best of the division. Combined, Murray & Rosado have challenged 6 times for the world middleweight title & each have a share of regional titles between them...

But frankly, who cares! This is a fight! Two blood & guts warriors with some underrated boxing skill, but like the ancient gladiators of the Roman arenas, Murray & Rosado know precisely why they are top of the bill tomorrow night.

2000 years ago I could picture the two men facing the crowd, then the Emperor exclaiming

We Who Are About To Die Salute You!

Don't blink-as long as it lasts Murray-Rosado will be a fun action fight!

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