Remembering Jake LaMotta’s Finest Moment

Photo Credits: Hank Olen/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

One of the best middleweights of all-time, a warrior and a tough guy. The body of war - bruises, swollen eyes, blood. The image of Jake LaMotta is a gruesome one but he stood fast and traded blows with some of the best boxers around.

A youngster who would fight other kids on the streets of the Bronx to get some coin from the men who watched on. LaMotta was always an entertainer, he was intense and that made him interesting to watch. Throwing bombs at his opponents, you could sense the levels of adrenaline that rushed through his veins. 

The tough guy image was his entertainment, the other factors of him disregarded such as his height or his small, fragile hands. When he met Robinson for the first time, it was how everyone expected it - LaMotta would give it a go but Robinson would be victorious; outboxed.

Five months later they would meet again. Robinson boasted a 40-0 record against LaMotta’s 30-5. On paper who would you have? It’s needless to say Robinson was the favorite.

18,930 fans would gather at Detroit’s Olympia Stadium. Robinson showed some success for the first half of the fight, landing clean punches but the bully LaMotta would rally and work his way to fight on the inside.

LaMotta surprised everyone cutting off the ring, bobbing and slipping punches and come the 8th round; the Bull would knock the Sugar over. Through the ropes and saved by the bell Robinson would lie, for two more rounds LaMotta would continue to rush like a bull and pressured Robinson, who had trouble controlling the fight. The two would go toe-to-toe over the last few rounds with LaMotta becoming ever more aggressive and once again; Robinson would be saved by the final bell.

LaMotta rightly deserved the victory, he had avenged his loss and beaten one of the greatest boxers to ever grace this earth.

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