The Pretty Boy

Former Olympian Josh Kelly makes his next appearance on the huge Joshua vs. Parker undercard  this weekend against former world champion Carlos Molina. ‘Pretty Boy Kelly’ looks set to show what he’s made of and already in just his 6th professional bout stepping up the opposition.

The welterweight division is currently stacked with stars, top athletes who are keeping boxing exciting and the fans on their toes. Who will face who… the real question is who will dominate the weight class. Performances like Kelly’s don’t go unnoticed; fast combinations, the power to put away his opponents, defence which goes against the regular. Kelly incorporates other boxers into his own style, simply to entertain. That’s the word to describe Josh Kelly, no fight has you blinking.

The Entertainer

So far from what we’ve seen of Josh Kelly in his 5 bouts on the big stage are performances to wow the crowd. As we see him grow and progress quickly in his career with the help of Adam Booth, he is sharply turning into one of the most exciting UK boxers to watch. His reflexes alone showed he didn’t belong fighting low level opposition from the start, his agility can take him onto the next level where he can dodge punches and return the favour successfully without showing any signs of struggle. His speed is renowned; throwing combinations unanswered and successive hooks giving his opponents no room to breathe.

Four of his five opponents didn’t hear the final bell; whether that was the referee’s decision or his opponent unwilling to go on, he got the job done and he completed it quickly. Will Carlos Molina prove to be different than the others?

A real test?

Molina, a former world champion, on paper is a good test and step up for the ‘Pretty Boy’. The Mexican’s resume comprises of a tough series of fights and arguably out of his depth in some. Does his experience give him the advantage to overwhelm Kelly? The popular opinion and the bookies make it a clear no. Back to back defeats to Carlos Adames and Ahmed El Mousaoui; does Molina have the heart to get through another fight?

Molina has the opportunity to derail the fast track plan of Josh Kelly and will most certainly be a tougher test for Josh Kelly. Kelly may be too good or we may have lived up to the hype that blinds us of a fighter’s actual path. The former is the right choice, Kelly is young, fresh and hungry with plenty of tricks in the book. Accompanied by Adam Booth we can expect to see Kelly’s best performance yet and no doubt they will be aiming to become the first man to stop Molina.

A star in the making

Kelly has everything in his arsenal to make him a star of the sport. Attributes, promotion and a willingness to entertain the audience. Molina is the next chapter of his story, success and victory is written all over him and the pressure will continue to build up from here on out.

In the eyes of the British boxing fans who don’t miss a Sky Sports show, Kelly is already a star; domestically of course he is a boxer which is different to the British stereotype which the public relish. A style which we haven’t seen, unique and on its way to become a glorified signature. Kelly will leave his mark on boxing; expect thrilling fights, making his opponents look useless and heavy boots to fill; this is the real deal.

What’s your prediction for this weekend’s huge card of boxing in Cardiff? Let us know in the comments below.

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