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A short time to come and we will have the very first undisputed super light weight champion. The clash between Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford and Julius Indongo will take place on the 19th August.

Their two exciting styles make for one of a kind clash and frankly... It isn’t being talked about enough. It’s incredibly rare to see an undisputed champion in boxing, no one is labelled of ruling the division like this match will decide. Of course we had the Klitschkos together holding defences of their shares of the heavyweight division but for one person to do it solely alone, that’s one hell of an accomplishment.

The closest the division came to having an outright champ was Kostya Tszyu. The Russian- Australian unified the division after beating Zab Judah all the way back in 2001. He was however missing the WBO belt to make him the undisputed champ. No Super lightweight has ever held all four belts at the same time.

Kostya Tszyu

What’s even more impressive and shocking is that in the entirety of men’s boxing; the last undisputed champion was Jermain Taylor. Prying all four belts from Bernard Hopkins and beating him in the rematch; it’s a wonder to see its been an entire decade since the last undisputed champion.

Long was the reign of Bernard Hopkins who successfully held belts of all four major sanctioning bodies. Only for that reign to be broken by a young fighter in Jermain Taylor; our last undisputed king.

Hopkins vs Taylor

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Until the 19th August that is.

Crawford and Indongo both deserve more praise for making this fight happen. It is a one of a kind fight which truly chooses who is the best in the division. Only the best can hold #AllTheBelts and whether that reign is short or long it will still go down in the history books.

Whilst boxers can have a few simple easy defences of their title and still call themselves a world champion, there is nothing quite like holding all the belts to brag about your name. More fighters and promoters should be taking note of this because there’s nothing like that. Sometimes we can complain about the face of those divisions getting boring and tiresome. For now, let us bask in the glory of it happening and wish to see more undisputed champions in the coming years.

Crawford is the outright favourite for the upcoming matchup, but Indongo is not someone to be overlooked. Whilst you can bet on Crawford to win, you can also bet that the Namibian will give it everything he’s got. In a fight where everything is on the line - it would be a huge mistake to miss this fight.

Terence Crawford

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It’s refreshing and exciting and I really wish there was more hype around this clash. I guess that’s where I come in to tell you; the best of the best is about to be decided, enjoy!

What do you think fight fans? Are you looking forward to the fight and will you be watching?

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