To The Battleground: Selby vs. Warrington

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This time the battle takes it stand on Elland Road Football Grounds. Lee Selby prepares to make the fifth defence of his IBF Featherweight world title and in the other corner waiting to relish his chance is highly ranked, Josh Warrington. Two top ten featherweights will collide in what will be their biggest fight to date.

Featherweights are gaining massive attention with the new additions, names building up and those that belong in a cemented position of top fighters. For England, it is special to see so many countrymen climbing the ranks and reaching the pinnacle. Their time is now and the battle of the Brits is about to begin.  

The Path

Selby, who currently holds his 26-1 hasn’t tasted defeat in nine years and doesn’t expect to take another loss anytime soon. His views on unifying the division and becoming the top dog have been made clear. His solid defences of the IBF title have shown he is a force to be reckoned with. The clear wins, the confidence he holds in the war of words in the build-up of his fight with Warrington. Selby holds superhero like confidence and isn’t letting his cage being rattled.

Warrington has struggled to get a world title shot, to say the least, by not his own fault. The opportunity was finally given to him by Frank Warren who is vastly building a stable of incredible fighters. Warrington secured his world title shot with outstanding wins over Patrick Hyland, Kiko Martinez and Dennis Ceylan. A career built around fighting in Leeds will now see him reach the highest honour of fighting in a football stadium in front of near 40,000. Warrington has his chance and no doubt he’ll be giving it everything he’s got, will it be enough?  

Suffering defeat

Chris Sanigar made a bold claim that ‘you will be able to hear a pin drop at Elland Road’. The defeat will be unbearable for either man, for Selby to lose his title in front of a packed Leeds crowd or for Warrington to taste defeat for the first time in his home. Selby appears immune to Warrington’s words in the build of one of Britain’s finest domestic clashes. The confidence and skills of Selby should see him through to make his mark on the division and can look to unify via the WBSS if that should happen. Warrington, however, has the crowd behind him and not to disregard Sanigar’s words, the momentum will surely drive Warrington to give it everything he’s got.

Dirty Tactics

The show must go on although the problems and circumstances that took place on the day of the weigh-in. One day before the fight, it becomes too late to turn back now. Selby encountered the hostile environment of Leeds United in all its savagery; his transport to be damaged by physical encounters. Racism also fell upon the IBF world champion as Warrington’s trainer tried to antagonise the Welshman with inflatable sheep. Mind games or inexcusable behaviour? We’ll let you be the judges of that in the comments.  

Whilst Selby remains his calm and cool composure having weighed in at a comfortable 125¾ pounds, he heads to leave the weigh-in only to receive hate and abuse from the Leeds crowd who unleashed hell to get at Selby, attempting to deal harm to him and his team. Unfortunately, when fights are held in Football stadiums it is almost expected that these scenarios happen which is disgracing the sport bit by bit. Selby suffered no injuries and will continue to fight. Whilst Selby is the favourite you can expect he is taken aback by the happenings, by something that shouldn’t be experienced.


The better man on the night will win, no excuses. Selby and Warrington meet on the 19th May at Elland Road, what a cracker its going to be after all that happened.

Who will win? Let us know in the comments.



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